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Open : 6th January 2024
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14th March - 8th April 2024

Anonymous from 20 years stacksShingo Wakagi

There are those photos of chance encounters made during a journey, pictures of unknown persons and unclear origins, which offer no clues as to when and by whom they were taken. These images, called "Anonymous Photos, are not merely expressions of the subjects contained within, but also embody the sentiments the photographer felt toward those subjects, as well as their backstories—they reveal themselves in the physical manifestations of deterioration, the faded colors and degradations of paper which occur due to the ravages of time, and allow us to perceive an altogether different sense of the deepness of photographs, beyond their pure visual representations.
This exhibition, unveiled last year in Hakata to wide acclaim, is a curated selection taken from a massive collection of test prints made by Shingo Wakaki over the course of approximately 20 years, from 1998 to 2018, shot on 35mm film with his Leica camera. Wakaki himself searched and gathered a stack of over 1,000 prints which had been stored for many years in a warehouse, which he then entrusted to a curator to select the photos featured in this exhibition. In this day and age when we preserve our memories as data, visitors to this exhibition can anticipate an encounter with what significance the past can have when embodied in the physical form of a photograph.

"This collection consists entirely of photographs taken by myself, but I felt like I wanted to see photos which did not quite seem like my own memories." - Shingo Wakaki